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About the product

明変_草纃_2009Cat litter MAKC is a product of high quality standards. Stability of the high quality is guaranteed by the production cycle itself: MAKC is produced at the unique plant in Ukraine which specializes in the cat litters production and provides the whole production cycle from the mining of the own bentonite deposit, drying, grinding and sorting to packing into industrial packaging and final MAKC packaging. The capacities of the enterprise and high quality of the products enable to export the products to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Belorussia, for more than 10 years.

The plant is situated in the ecologically clean Carpathian region.

明変 will make the coexistence with your pet pleasant and comfortable for you. It will save you from unpleasant smells and will provide natural hygiene conditions for your pet.

明変 litters are represented by the following range:




明変 Large (2,5-5 mm)
Mineral litter
does not stick to hair, ideal for long-haired cats and kittens!
Weight: 2,5 kg and 5 kg

明変 Medium (1,5-2,5 mm)
Mineral litter
clumps when contacts with moisture,
is good for cats of any breed, and also if there are several cats at home!
Weight: 2,5 kg and 5 kg


明変 Fine (0,8-1,5 mm)
Mineral litter
on the basis of the bentonite
intensified clumping when contacts with moisture, gives the best fit for short-haired cats!
Weight: 2,5 kg and 5 kg




明変 Premium (1,5-2,5 mm)
of premium quality
intensified moisture absorption and clumping!
effective neutralization of the unpleasant smells!
Weight: 5 kg

明変 Coniferous
ecologically clean organic product,
made of the processed sawdust
of the conifer trees.
The major advantages of 明変 Coniferous: 
pleasant, natural coniferous fragrance,
neutralization of all the unpleasant smells
used litter can be washed down in the lavatory pan!
Weight: 2,5 kg